• Corporate Dinner Etiquette

    In the world of corporate dinner planning, there is as much focus on proper corporate dinner etiquette as there is on event design and menus. A properly-planned event impresses employees, their families and clients, which is why it’s important to … Continue reading

  • Nailing the seating plan

    Wedding Seating Plans It’s that time of year when lots of you will be making your final wedding plans and tackling the big wedding elephant in the room, that of the seating plan. Today’s post is not about how to … Continue reading

  • 10 Tips For Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Photographer

    1 Bright & Light VS Moody & Atmospheric As technology has advanced, so too have cameras and editing facilities. Where once wedding photography was quite generic, now each and every photographer has a type of camera they prefer and a … Continue reading

  • 4 Ways Quality of Towels Influences Hotel Image

    Can you really judge a hotel or resort by its towels? A recent survey by Xeros, creator of an ultra-low water laundry system, reveals that quality of towels plays a huge role in guest experiences at hotels and resorts. “Savvy … Continue reading

  • 12 Tricks to Attract Celebrity Guests to Your Event

    As an event planner, finding celebrities and actually getting them through the door of your event can be very challenging. Here are 12 tips for how to recruit and host a celebrity guest, for the success of your event. Who … Continue reading

  • Invitations & Where To Start | uk wedding blog

    Evening all. I hope you’ve enjoyed the sunshine that most of us have been blessed with this weekend. I can’t help but think automatically now “what glorious weather for a wedding” every time the sun shines! Today I’m writing about … Continue reading

  • Will Technology Replace the Event Planner Role?

    Eventtech is certainly changing the face of events. But will it eventually spell the end of face to face events and meetings and the role of the event planner? Hands up all of those who have not had a talk … Continue reading

  • Choosing the right photographer | UK Wedding Blog

    There was one piece of advice from a married friend that stuck with me: “don’t scrimp on your photographer!” I suppose we already knew that anyway though – as someone who appreciates a good photograph, I knew that we had … Continue reading

  • 3 Reasons Why Engagement Ring Shopping Is Way Better Now

    If there were a feminism litmus test (and boy am I glad we are not into litmus test feminists here at APW), one area where I would decidedly fail is engagement ring shopping. When I got engaged, I wanted to … Continue reading

  • Breakout Sessions: How To Create Memorable Experiences For Attendees

    Most sizeable conferences provide opportunities for breakout sessions – that’s when participants are broken up into smaller groups after a main stage presentation for the purpose of discussing a specific topic.Yet unless carefully considered and planned, they’re not always the … Continue reading


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